Our Mission for Inclusion

 Our mission is to provide home instruction aligned with relevant statutes and regulations such as
N.J.A.C. 6 A: 14, 6A: 9, 6A: 16-10.1 and 10.2, N.J.A.C. Title 13, and N.J.S.A. 18 A:
46A-let seq., Auxiliary Services (Nonpublic Schools, and Section 504 of the
Rehabilitation Act of 1973).

Dedicated Educators

In accordance with N.J.A.C. 6 A: 14, all Creative Institute teachers are “fully certified” to provide specific services to each individual student in compliance with special and regular education statutes and regulations. 

Creative Institute Home Instruction Agency Policy

      In accordance to 6A: 9, Creative Institute requires Professional Standards for Teachers and “Administrative Certificate” of home instruction school leaders.     In accordance to Auxiliary Services (Nonpublic Schools) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, “ which protects the rights of students with disabilities”, Creative Institute certified teachers and leaders will operate as such.   In accordance to 6A: 16-10.1, home instruction teachers and leaders of Creative Institute utilize the evaluation rubrics to ensure the proper development of student performance and professional development.   In accordance to 6A: 16-10.2, home instruction may be provided other than “chronic health conditions” under this statute. The N.J.A.C. Title 13 does not apply at this time.  In accordance N.J.S.A. 18 A: 46A-1 et seq., with Creative Institute, “approved agency” by the Department of Education provides services to nonpublic schools and abides by the statutes and regulations of the state.  In addition, N.J.S.A. 18 A: 46A-1 et seq., assures the opportunity for all school-aged students to develop academically and intellectually to the fullest capacity.     According to Chapter 192, the following auxiliary services are described and available: Speech language services:  An appropriately certified speech language therapist provides services in a on-to-one or small group setting.  Speech therapist teachers gather student portfolio and assessments to create a strategic learning path for students.  The speech therapist documents and prints the learning path for each individual student. The appropriately certified speech therapist teacher send the lesson plans weekly via email to cliniccreativeinstitute@gmail.com and via email to the Creative Institute at 12 Thorobred Rd. EHT, NJ 08234.  The student must be eligible in accordance with the NJAC 6A: 14-3.5.    

Supplementary instruction:  Appropriately certified supplemental services teachers provide intense instruction tailored to the students of disabilities specific needs.  Special education teachers gather student portfolio and assessments to create a strategic learning path for students.  The special education teacher documents and prints the learning path for each individual student. The appropriately certified special education teacher sends via email to cliniccreativeinstitute@gmail.com and the lesson plans weekly via mail to the Creative Institute at 12 Thorobred Rd. EHT, NJ 08234.  Compensatory education services:  Appropriately certified teachers provide intense academic support for the students that are eligible for the compensatory services.  Appropriately certified teachers gather student portfolio and assessments to create a strategic learning path for students.  The teachers document and print the learning path for each individual student. The appropriately certified teacher emails to cliniccreativeinstitute@gmail.com and the lesson plans weekly via mail to the Creative Institute at 12 Thorobred Rd. EHT, NJ 08234.  According to Chapter 192, “At-risk”, students of grades 3-12 that score 40% -50% below the commercial standardized assessment or other student portfolio documentation are considered eligible for compensatory services.  Grades k-2 may become eligible after attending the school for at least 30 days by demonstrating the need of particular services.  Documentation such as parent surveys, interviews, observational assessments, developmental based assessments, projects, and report cards are examples of documents that may qualify the student for services. 

The days and hours of operation are the following:

  • Monday-Sunday
  • 7am-9pm.

The time commitment of the direct service providers is the following:

  • a minimum of 10 hours per week
  • The amount of time of weekly HI will be determined by the school’s written plan for general education students.
  • The amount of time required for a student with disabilities will be determined by the public school’s Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) or by the nonpublic school’s service plan. 

Procedure for placement on HI:  Within 5 days of the parent’s/guardian’s request, the school district will notify the parent/guardian ether or not the HI will provided.  The assignment time frame for regularly scheduled students and students with disabilities are a minimum of 10 hours per week.  The public school’s IEP and the nonpublic school’s service plan will determine the required weekly instruction time.  Instruction must be held at least 3 separate days per week including weekends.  Perhaps, the student is absent from HI, the instructor will notify both Creative Institute and particular school’s guidance counselor by email and phone to maintain coordination and communication.  The assignments will be sent to the guidance counselor’s supervisor by email and returned to the guidance counselor of the particular school for the individual teachers.  The home instructor will adopt the provided lesson plan of the teachers of the particular student including familiarizing with the service plan.  Time logs of services will be signed each day of service and returned, weekly, to Creative Institute and the particular school.  The student will return upon board approval.  Progress report will be provided weekly via email, mail, or in person to guidance counselor and Creative Institute *All signatures must be the original signatures of the signee.  Court may require instructional services within the home or out of home placement.  Home instruction will be provided within 5 days of notice. Parent responsibilities:  Parents must exercise the following:

  • Collaborate with the teacher for services to be rendered.
  • Provide a settled environment.
  • Confirm that the student is present for services.
  • Provide assistance to ensure that the student completes assignments.
  • Sign home instruction sheets daily after services have been rendered.
  • Do not sign blank home instruction sheets. 
  • Call Creative Institute directly for any issues. (213-448-3536).
  • Return student to school after termination of home instruction services.  

Student responsibilities:  Students attend all sessions and cooperate with the home instruction teacher and complete all assignments to the best of your ability.

Home instruction teacher responsibilities:  The home instructor must exercise the following:

  • Provide one-on-one services.
  • Contact the parent to arrange for all sessions.  
  • Confirm appointment before arriving at destination to conduct services.
  • Build rapport.
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders.
  • Render services with parent, guardian, or adult present.
  • Submit lesson plans via email and mail weekly to cliniccreativeinstitute@gmail.com and Creative Institute, 12 Thorobred Rd. EHT, NJ, 08234.
  • Complete and submit signed home instruction (HI) sheets, weekly.
  • Scan and send original HI sheets to cliniccreativeinstitute@gmail.com and to the provided school guidance counselor’s email address.
  • Send original hard copy HI sheets to Creative Institute at 12 Thorobred Rd., EHT NJ 08234.
  • Align instruction according to the individual’s specific needs and lesson plans 
  • CC Creative Institute by email.

Administrator of Creative Institute:  Collaborate with all stakeholders, collect forms and data, and monitor progress, weekly by documentation.

Background check/credentials:  Crystal Mays, Founder of Creative Institute will ensure the validity of staff license, criminal history approval, and other credentials.  Crystal Mays will provide documentation to the DOE, which will consist of confirmation of appropriately credentialed service provider. Potential teachers will undergo a Criminal History Background check through the New Jersey Department of Education. 

Home Instruction Procedure:  Creative Institute provides home instruction for nonpublic schools in accordance listed above not limited to the recommendation of the Superintendent of the student’s particular school.  Kindergarten through twelfth grade students are eligible of receiving regular and special education home instruction.  In addition, the ages serviced consist of three to twenty-one.  A parent or an adult of 21 years old or older must accompany the student.  The missed hours of home instruction must be recorded.  The instructor will not be paid for missed home instruction sessions.  Therefore, teachers must confirm appointment a few times before traveling to the home and building rapport is suggested.  Instruction shall be one-on-one sessions, one teacher per student ratio and certified for the specific need of the student.  Teachers must collaborate with all stakeholders to maintain coordination and communication (i.e. parents, student, teacher, nurse, guidance counselor).  In addition, teachers effectively provide instruction to improve student performance in all subjects through communication of others.  Teachers complete the weekly instructional log which provides the student’s name, and identification number, address, school name, grade, name of home instructor, recommendation by, date of initial contact, date of instruction to be terminated, date of service, time, subject, start and ending time, number of hours, total hours serviced, rate of service, home instructor and parent/guardian’s signature, date of last day of week serviced, materials used, objectives, evaluation, and grades.  


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