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 ACEP mission is to provide viable means via educational tools, mentorship and other pathways to assist the program participants in achieving their goals by partnering with true philanthropists. ACEP delivers excessive empowerment programs and partners with other organizations and multiple celebrities, occasionally.

Shiggy:Floyd Mayweather's celebrity basketball event 1/26/18

Evander Holyfield: True philanthropist #RobinHoodNYC2019

George Lopez Contributes to a Great Cause: First Annual Golf


World Longdrive Champ '07 Steve Mondroe


As a Narragansett native warrior, born on January 22, 1978 to Antoinette Miller and Steve Monroe, Steve Longdrive Monroe has inspired other celebrities and multiple communities across the globe to push passed the burn through all life challenges and experiences. Longdrive Monroe attended Clearwater high where he got his first taste at golfing by participating in Chi Chi Rodriguez foundation after school program and has been hungry for the win ever since. Parental involvement was supportive of all parents involved and encouraged Steve to continue to attend the golf outing, plant seeds, and develop computer skills provided by the Chi Chi Foundation. Longdrive Monroe was approached by his golf coach in high school stated, “No one ever hit a ball so far and should try out for World Longdrive!” Since 2000, Steve has competed in the World Longdrive and has won a few championship events as he attended Talladega College, and initiated a few foundations to benefit youth with disabilities such in collaboration with ACEP as the Steve Longdrive Monroe Foundation as well as the Michael Durfee, Ralph Pace, Crystal Mays, & Steve Monroe Longdrive Foundation. Steve Longdrive Monroe, a philanthropist, currently runs youth with disabilities’ golfing tournaments to empower the youth. Steve has partnered with Sgt. Miracle Mays and Crystal Mays of Atlantic County Empowerment Programs to master the events on a global level with other celebrities and multiple communities across the globe. 

Galloway Diner owner: Bob Karamanos


Bobby Karamanos and family own and operate multiple restaurants in the state of New Jersey. Bobby was born with a tethered cord inside of his spinal cord. Although diagnosed early by his pediatrician and was operated on by one of the best in the world at the time to remove the cyst from his spine, Bobby suffers from significant damage to the nerves and growth of his legs over time. Bobby developed MRSA and has been “fighting the good fight” under doctors’ care against the infections over 6 years. At the age of 17, Bobby’s legs were amputated by his senior year of high school. It has been predicted that Bobby’s condition will worsen and would have to undergo 3 major spinal surgeries to release the pressure. Medical predictions dictate that this procedure would be repeated every decade. Attending college, family business, and becoming an avid outdoorsman has been and continues to be a great experience.  Hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting are some of Bobby’s favorite healthy habits. Bobby has refused to allow his disability define him. He states, “I define myself!” Bobby recently partnered with Atlantic County Empowerment Programs (ACEP) to empower youth with disabilities to “fight the good fight!”

Mrs. Beverly Toto: Winners Win KO


Beverly Toto moved to Somers Point in 2017 after living in Lawrenceville, Bordentown and Toms River.  A member of the Lawson’s Pride of Somers Point nonprofit, she also volunteers and supports Veterans groups and other community service organizations.  She enjoys helping people, baking, playing tennis and all water sports.  

Assemblyman Bruce Land: ACEP 1st Annual Celebrity Golf 2019

Charan Singh President of South Jersey Indian Association

Eric LeGrand #52

Allan Houston: True Philanthropist attending Robin Hood Gala

Raya Arbiol: Ms. New Jersey 2019 partners with ACEP

Keilanna Brown: Ms. Delaware 2019

Tim Burke: World Longdriver champ 2019

True Philanthropist for All youth with disabilities

Anthony Stepney attending Uncle Luke's Celebrity Golf 2019

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